Learning 10 Basic Characteristics of Aussiedoodles Their Owners Need To Understand

You may think it is love at first sight. But it is true when an Aussiedoodle catches your eye. You may have heard of them being called as Aussiepoo or Aussiepoodle in place of the Aussiedoodle name but they are equally the same. A combination of a poodle and an Australian shepherd makes up this final breed. What makes this breed very exciting is the fact that due to the mixing, you cannot tell how big they’ll grow or what color and pattern will result out from it. Even their litters can have different attributes than the parent dog. Visit puppiesclub to learn more about this breed.

Before bringing an Aussiedoodle into your life

There are certain things that would be owners need to learn about this aussiepoo friend. This includes:

  1. Big teasers –They will show other dogs their toy but runs away with it as they play a chasing game. They will in time give up but not until the start of an extreme tug-of-war game.
  2. Bouncy – They love to bounce around like cubs and jumps fearlessly showing agility.
  3. They are anxious when far from their family and stay loyal for life.
  4. Attention seeker – they know they are loved, that’s why they crave for attention
  5. They love to cuddle with you, even in your bed if you let them.
  6. Errand buddy- they can be trained to do important running around errands at home. They are hardworking dogs since both parents are working breeds.
  7. Resembles stuffed toys with soft and hypoallergenic coats. Also it seldom shed. They can be groomed at a fancy.
  8. Doodle drip- when they drink, their coats near their mouth will hold water making them drip.
  9. Good swimmer- maybe they just need to cool off.
  10. Good for therapy – they know when their master has a rough day, that’s why they are good companion, therapy and emotional support dogs.

That’s getting the most of what you have bargained for in a dog. That is the best of both breeds.

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