What Does It Take To Get Your Instagram Followers To Bring You To The “Most Popular” List?

To be in the “Most Popular” list in Instagram requires certain efforts. Though there are some that could do it by pure luck. Like having a post that is the hottest topic in the world like “Two crowning moments in the Miss Universe 2016”. For sure at that time everyone were buzzing and you can benefit by posting pictures of the two beauty contestants.

But in other cases, there are some methods that can generate more views on your post and here are some tips:

  • Make your profile adoring with wholesome pictures and quotes or descriptions that will appeal to the viewer. Be consistent in that aspect.
  • Use the hashtag and geotags in every post to gain more links since there are instagram followers who will be searching for certain topics and it might relate to your tags increasing views.
  • Add interest by providing better content. People want to be informed. And their interest will continue even after seeing one quality post from you.
  • Be trustworthy, people could easily detect the fake ones.
  • Be appreciative when you get more hits, don’t forget to give ‘credit where credit is due’.
  • Put some humor, often people just want to have a good laugh. Combining that with some funny hashtag can surely gain more views for you.
  • Make your post right in every aspect. Like getting a right post, at the right time and to the right viewers.

  • For the right post, use the latest topic. Don’t post pictures of a long ago event that will be too old for them to relate. That’s history, unless you have something new to add about that picture that is intriguing.
  • For the right time, making posts early in the morning since that’s the first thing people do, check on their social media. The nighttime is also ideal since there are also people who peep at their Instagram before going to sleep.
  • For the right viewers, you know who your followers are, what are they compose of. If they are young, post something that’s interesting for the young.

At this point, you may have learned some tips to carry yourself nearer to your goal. Persist; you are on the right tract at that.

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